Our premium Flutter App Templates are fully functional starter codebases, to help developers and entrepreneurs launch their mobile apps much faster and at a fraction of the cost.

Download our Flutter starter kits to build a mobile app in minutes, from boilerplate codebases that were developed by elite Silicon Valley programmers. Don’t reinvent the wheel by starting with an empty codebase. Save thousands of dollars and months of development by leveraging hundreds of lines of code that Instamobile developers already wrote for you.

All templates are up to date, running in the latest version of Dart and Flutter.

Best Flutter App Templates

    • Why Use Flutter App Templates

      • Save 6 months of development
      • Save more than $10,000
      • Get more than 50,000 lines of code per app
      • Don’t reinvent the wheel
      • High-quality codebases written by former engineers from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
      • Save energy and hard work
      • Move fast to stay ahead of competition
      • Launch a complete MVP in days rather than months
      • Focus on what makes your business unique

      Flutter App Templates Features

      There are a lot of aspects that any app should support right off the bat, which usually take a lot of time to implement, so developers and entrepreneurs tend to leave them out of the MVP. These are things such as Localization, RTL, analytics, optimized onboarding, Face ID login, Apple ID Login, etc. The problem is that these can make or break your business, and you’ll never know why. By using a fully functional Flutter app template, on top of the core app functionality, you’ll get time consuming complex features such as:

      • Localization (translations – i18n)
      • RTL Support
      • Dark Mode
      • Face ID / Touch ID / Apple ID Login
      • Login / Registration / Forgot Password
      • Push Notifications
      • Profile Management / Settings / Account Details
      • Login with Facebook / Login with Google
      • Performance improvements (Image Caching, Loading States, Empty States, Haptics Feedback, etc)
      • Stunning UI & UX Design
      • … and many more

      Flutter app templates

      If you’re looking for a Flutter app template that you can’t find on this page, please contact us and request it. At Instamobile, we are trying to cover all generic use cases for mobile apps, so that any app idea can be built by using our free and premium Flutter app templates.

      If you’re looking for open-source Flutter projects, feel free to check out our free Flutter app templates.

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