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One of the most important aspects of designing a mobile app consists of colors. We’re introducing a Color Framework – Chameleon, which can be used by mobile developers to create iOS apps. It provides support for amazing flat colors, color gradients, complementary colors, colors from images, hex codes, and many other features. The framework can be used in both Swift and Objective-C and it’s open-source on Github.

chameleon color framework swift ios objective-c

This color management framework makes it easy for any developer to come up with perfect matching colors. Here are the best features supported by Chameleon Framework.

  • 24 hand-picked beautiful flat colors, coming in both light and dark shades
  • Generate color schemes on the fly
  • Support for contrasting colors, to ensure your labels are always visible and the colors match perfectly
  • Create UIColor objects straight from the hex code
  • Generate dominant colors directly from UIImage objects, at runtime
  • Generate 3 different types of color schemes automatically, starting from any given color.
  • Stunning color gradients for background colors, tint colors, and text colors!
  • Specify a global Color Theme with just one line of code
  • Access to Chameleon Color straight from the Storyboard (Interface Builder)
  • Photoshop & Sketch add-ons are available, so your mobile app designers can work Chameleon colors directly

We really recommend you to check it out. It has so many features it’s impossible for us to list them all here. We’re always using it for native Swift app templates.

This lightweight Color Framework is extremely powerful and helps iOS developers deal with colors in general. You no longer need to do a lot of research or study the Color Theory to learn how colors should be mixed and what’s considered good design practice. This library will just generate a color scheme from any given starting color which is amazing!

The color gradient support for both background colors as well as tint colors makes it even more powerful. It has three different types of gradient implementations: radial gradient, top to bottom gradient and left to right gradient.

If you’re not feeling too artistic, you could use the color framework to just generate random colors for you. It’s incredible!

Save hours of design iterations and write a beautifully colored app with this color framework. You can use this detailed tutorial on how to use Chameleon with all its powerful features. They also provide awesome documentation on the project’s Github page.

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